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Company Name Fpcm (Co-organizer)
Main Business Open Innovation Accelerator
CEO Pilar Gil
Country Spain
Business Address  Madrid C/Faraday 7
Type of Participation Open Innovation
OI Center or OI Accelerator
Person in Charge Name David Arbelo Department
Attachment Memoria-Actividad-FPCM_2021.pdf
Organization Description Madrid Science Park is an incubator/accelerator for deeptech and tech start up initiatives.
Vertical areas of technology support are Biotec, Health, Information and communication technologies, Food , Nanomaterials..
Transversal innovation interests are in digitization, sustainability and entreprenurial women support.
Since 2001 the Park has hosted mor than 320 companies and as an open innovation practitioner it has participated in several international initiatives.
The Park is actually member and collaborates with different business networks and innovation agents and holds both a business creation and a scale up programme, completing its offering with services for internationalization, connections (partnerships and alliances) as well as market access and softlanding.
Partnering purpose Business Promotion
Technology Cooperation