These Terms of Website use (collectively, these “Terms”), applicable between Delta Tech Korea (“DTK or We”) and event participants (collectively, “You”), inform you of the terms and conditions according to which you may make use of our website (www.tektite.net) or any other of our websites you have linked from (collectively, our “Site”). Use of our Site includes accessing, browsing, or registering to use our Site. These terms apply specifically to speakers, attendees, exhibitors, operators, and anyone who visits the Site.
Please read them carefully as they contain important information.
By accessing, browsing, or using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, you must not use our Site.

1.1 Introduction of who we are
DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. (DTK) has its roots in an American corporate DeltaTech which specializes in technology transfer. DTK is a technology-based company that seeks sustainable growth through market development, research, and SME accelerating. It specializes in innovation management, technology transfer, and business acceleration program. It has experience in conducting MICE software developments, brokerage events, open innovations, Soft Landing service programs, tech scouting, market researches of numerous bios, agriculture, energy-related sectors, etc., while acting as a Research and Development implementing agency, company builder, tech-transfer intermediator, etc. With our headquarter and branches located respectively in Seoul, Jeon-Buk, Israel, and Spain, DTK is open to domestic and international partnerships. It had alliances with various domestic corporations in sectors from government-funded research institutions to private companies. Also, DTK has collaborated with foreign innovation intermediaries such as tech transfer boutiques, seed accelerators, business incubation centers, Innovation consulting firms, TTOs, and funding agencies, etc.

1.2 Role of DTK
DTK provides the technical platform infrastructure, matchmaking software, and online exhibition platform. We manage an event on behalf of our clients (event host organizations or institutions) as indicated on the Main page. The services include creating a platform for an event, provide matchmaking opportunities, and manage the online exhibition. No other bodies, apart from DTK (and our website hosting company only for maintaining the site and keeping the records), will be accessible to data other than ones available on the Site but if there is a specific requirement or demand made by the event hosts, we may share such data.

If you have any questions concerning an event, please contact us.

2.1 Data Verification
Delta Tech Korea puts the best possible efforts to ensure that all information collected and provided through the Site is accurate. However, we shall not be reliable for failures of keeping up with accuracy and the update of the contents. We try our best to verify all the information provided by third persons or parties but we do not guarantee.

Data provided by the participants are used for including but not limited to hosting, operating, and managing an event as well as for maintenance and improvement of services and the Site. You acknowledge and agree that DTK may use the data provided or collected from the Site and that such information could be used for our businesses such as for market research, business marketing, and other businesses DTK is involved in.

2.2 Visibility
Due to the nature of an online exhibition and business partnering (or matchmaking) platform, published profiles and related data can be viewed by registered participants or any other website visitors. Such data includes profile information (e.g., name, contact number, address, etc.) as well as detailed product (or technology) related information (e.g., details of product specification, images, certifications, pitching videos, etc.).

DTK determines if participants' profiles and related data (e.g., contact data, business profiles) are visible on the website or platform. The users themselves can also make such decisions by editing their profile settings via the Site. Usually, contact data and business profile related data are visible to facilitate the matchmaking process. DTK may use your contact data to assist you if required.

2.3 Registration and Confirmation
Your registration (whether submitted directly by you or on your behalf) is an offer to attend an event where you are allowed to write, upload, and edit information you decide to provide for business partnering or promoting sales. Depending on events, an extra confirmation may be required to grant membership for the event. In that case, you will be informed after you complete your registration.

During the registration process, you are requested to provide data as indicated in the registration forms. Inserted data must be correct and must not violate any laws or other person(s) and /or organization(s) rights. You can edit and modify your data at any time you like

2.4 Editing
DTK (and host organizations if demanded) and all registered participants shall have the right to modify the submitted data for quality enhancement. DTK needs to maintain the quality of the Platform and Services. Therefore, it might be necessary to assess the accuracy and integrity of your data and to correct, erase, or rectify any data collected from you, also if there is a need for event-related adjustments. By using the Platform, you consent to the aforementioned data corrections described. If you do not agree, please inform DTK immediately.

2.5 Deleting data and Withdrawal from the Service
You have the right to ask for deleting any data on the Site as well as your account via contacting DTK. Please note that in case of withdrawing from the service, all the data you have established will be deleted. We will keep records regarding the time when you have deleted your profile account. DTK reserves the right to remove your registration for any events at any time. This means your account for the event is deleted and cannot be used anymore. You can also request for deletion of your profile as well as details of your exhibition and pitching videos through us.

2.6 Data Privacy
We are committed to protecting your privacy through our compliance with this policy. The use of personal information collected through our services shall be limited to the purpose of providing the service for the event and our other businesses including market research, corporate consulting, etc. Information here applies to all the data collected on the Site, received in e-mail, text, and other electronic messages between you and DTK, public messages disclosed on the boards and forums, and your computer hardware and software information such as log records, IP address, browser type, etc. Such information is used by DTK for the operation of the Site, to maintain its quality, and to provide general statistics regarding the use of the Site. For these purposes, DTK may link automatically-collected data to personal information such as name, email address, address, and phone number.

If we have your permission, DTK will never disclose or share personally identifiable information collected on the Site with any third party except on demand by the host organization or as required by law, under government request, or for purposes of providing you the services.

We hold the right to modify these terms at any time based on our sole discretion. You will be notified via email or phone call using the data you have provided or submitted while registration before its effective date is shown on the main page. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly check the terms from time to time for any updates.

It is to inform how website contents are collected, published, and managed during an event. DTK websites may contain links to third party websites. For these external links, DTK shall not be liable.

4.1 Participant’s Profile
Participants’ profiles are created and edited by the participants. DTK can create and edit your profiles on your behalf if requested by the participants for a quicker process or if we find an error in the information. In the latter case, the participants will be informed of the modification of the information via email or phone call. The profiles are visible to other participants and website visitors but can hide from being published if the participants choose to do so through their setting page. If participants want their profiles to be permanently removed and withdraw from service, you need to contact DTK for the process.

Should you materially breach any provisions of these Terms of any statutory laws, DTK shall be entitled to delete any unlawful data or information hosted on the platform. Data and content published on our platform or website shall adhere to operating, legal or ethical rules, the general code of good conduct, moral standards, and/or public order.

4.2 Business Partnering (Matchmaking)
All the registered participants will be introduced and have the right to send or receive partnering invitations via our Site. The data submitted by the participants through registration is shown to anyone that visit, browse, and use the Site regardless of the state of registration. Therefore it is up to participants to make sure no information that is considered very sensitive or confidential is provided.

It is entirely up to the businesses or institutions to accept or dismiss the requests or invitations and DTK is not responsible for any disputes or problems arising from this matter. Accepting and rejecting requests, managing your partnering schedule (i.e. managing time slots to show your available time for partnering), and learning the status of all the requests are all done on ‘My HOME’ page.

DTK only provides scheduling tools for the sake of participants’ better and easier partnering opportunities. The physical online meeting will be taken place on the third service communication platform which could vary from event to event. DTK shall not be liable for any contents, issues, disputes, or other problems that may arise from using such services outside of our Site.

4.3 E-Exhibition (Online Exhibition)
Exhibitors (registered participants whose participation type belongs to ‘exhibitor’ and ‘event operator’ group can publish and modify their products or technologies (collectively, “Product”) they try to promote through the online exhibition. Depending on the type of event, DTK reserves the right to choose to hold an e-exhibition or choose not to (if not, the e-exhibition page will not be shown). The details of the Product can be created and modified by event operators and DTK as well. Registration involves detailed information of their products such as images, catalogs or other documents, certification information, and so on. An email address is provided for business partnering and inquiry regarding the Product and other Product-related information is only provided for those who are officially registered to the events.

Editing and publishing are done via ‘My HOME’ page and the exhibitor can choose to hide it from being public. However, if you wish to delete it, you need to contact us. For event analysis purposes, DTK collects and records the time of the visit to a certain Product page and connects such data to a certain participant’s registered information for identification for the purposes.

4.4 E-Pitching
Participants registered as exhibitors and speakers (and event operators) can quote their youtube video links for their Product pitching and seminars. DTK may be asked to do upload it on behalf of the participants. It contains links to the third website such as business websites to provide further information and DTK does not hold any responsibility regarding information outside our Site.

We collect and store information regarding all visitors’ IP addresses to record the total views of the videos.

The website itself, the graphics, images, pdfs and similar content published by participants might be protected by Copyright Law. It is therefore not allowed to edit, copy or publish such content without the explicit prior written consent of DTK or the mentioned sole owner of the copyright. You will also not undertake any technical action that violates the copyright of DTK or the mentioned copyright owner.

You agree that DTK can use content published by you irrevocably for the purposes described in these Terms. As long as DTK is granted the right mentioned above, you are liable for the published content and any damages resulting from any violation or breach of any third parties rights (especially copyright). You shall hold DTK harmless in this respect.

DTK cannot guarantee the accessibility or functionality of the website. DTK shall not be liable for any defects that may exist or for any costs, loss of profit, loss of data, or consequential loss arising from the use of our platform or website or any inability to access the website as well as from any incorrect information.

If any technical problem occurs while using our Site, you need to first contact our office at +82 2 3278 2707.

This Platform is run on a free-of-charge system where anyone can register for the event for participants. However, there could be times where participation in the event is limited. In such a case of a private event, anyone can file a registration application, but it requires our admission to be authorized.

When payments have to be made, DTK also collects payment-related data such as name, date and time of bank account transfer, etc. or may decide to adopt an external service to enable online payments. In that case, Credit Card related data are processed by third-party providers.

DTK is no party to such a payment function and shall not be held liable for the success or failure of such payments.

You hereby agree that you will only use the website under these Terms and/or additional Terms and applicable laws and regulations.

You are responsible for any content provided which is published on this website or platform.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DTK and the event organizer for any loss or damage, including any legal, administrative, or technical charges, which may arise from misuse.

Due to the nature of matchmaking events, organizers initiate several mailings to inform and alert participant's about the start of booking B2B meetings, reminders to book B2B meetings, confirmation of participation, meeting schedules, feedback, etc.

DTK neither endorses nor examines any of the material or documents submitted to us and/or posted on the website. This includes the accuracy of any text, information, data, representations, statements, or other material of whatsoever kind. DTK is neither liable nor responsible for the quality of an event.

We shall not be liable, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, for any direct or indirect damages or losses resulting from gross negligence in connection with an event and/or the website. This exclusion shall apply in respect of, without limited to, any interruption of service, lost profits, loss of contracts or business opportunity, loss of data, or any other consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, whether arising in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise.