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Company Name Contguard (Presenter)
Main Business Cargo Monitoring by using IoT devices and providing AI based actionable insights
CEO Yittach Nativ
Country / Time Zone Israel /
Business Address  Hod Hasharon Hanagar 6a
Type of Participation SME
Small and Medium Enterprises
Person in Charge Name Meir Levy Department
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Company Profile
Organization Description Contguard is among the worldwide leading providers of tracking and monitoring solutions for goods/cargo in transit, utilizing cutting-edge IOT, machine learning, data analysis & AI technology.

The company provides cloud-based solutions, real-time alerts, supply chain actionable insights, and powerful tools that support securing the companies cargo in cases of thefts/loss/sabotage as well as for QA and safety. The Ministry of Defense as well as most leading Defense, HLS and Aerospace companies in Israel are using the various Contguard solutions to real time monitor and protect their sensitive and valued assets/cargo. The monitoring service includes GPS location, Alerts on penetration attempts to the Cargo container (door open and entering light indications), impact detection and temperature.
Contguard's line of IoT products meets all shipments market requirements in air, maritime and land (trains, trucks). For more information you can also visit the company's Website -
Partnering purpose Business Promotion We are looking for Korean brands who have security, quality and supply chain challenges we can solve