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Company Name PMI BIOTECH Inc (Exhibitor)
Main Business Manufacturing of Calcium products group as food additive ingredient.
CEO Park Joung Kyu
Country / Time Zone South Korea /
Business Address  675-11, Beopdongeogu-ro, Dunde 1F
Type of Participation Startups
A New Enterprise with Innovative Technology
Person in Charge Name Lena Heo Department Sales
Attachment PMI BIOTECH Brochure_N.pdf  
Company Profile
Organization Description PMI Biotech Inc manufactured high-purity calcium products derived from natural sources accord with social issues and carbon neutrality policies through eco-friendly oyster shells resource facilities. We minimizes carbon dioxide emissions by using pure liquid solution process without a high-temperature heat treatment process and also there is no TVOC emissions accordingly.
In order to minimize the emission of environmentally harmful substances, we have been practicing carbon-neutral policy that minimizes energy use by recycling wastewater, and has been practicing high value-added and low-carbon renewable energy ESG management that focuses on the environment and people and enables sustainable development.

We manufactured "Calcium products group" which is a ingredient of healty supplements and all of our calcium products manufactured by liquid solution process which is our own patent technology and using oyster shells eco-friendly resource facility. Typical calcium products consume a lot of time and energy by manufacturing products through a high-temperature heat treatment process of 900 ~ 1000 ℃ or higher, but PMI BIOTECH manufactured calcium products by our own patent technology and it's solubility is 8 times higher than others and also it's high purity products. The main item is Tricalcoim(Calcium) citrate and calcium carbonate and it can be used diverse range of industrial as like fertilizer, food additives, raw matetial of cosmetics, biomaterials etc, but PMI BIOTECH focused on food additives for healthy supplements.
Partnering purpose Business Promotion